About Us

Jasper (35) is thoroughly action-oriented, but also a bit of a dreamer; he likes to see the bigger picture, to find the story behind the facts.

After years of working in the media –  as a camera-man, director and editor –  he now feels it’s time for a change. He wants to use his abilities and experience to find the story he wants to tell, instead of telling somebody else’s story.
And so he has come full circle; what started as a passion for film turned into a job, but now film can once more become a passion. Curious? Check this.

Steph (30) has been involved in the fields of event-, tour- & music-management. With an ear for subtle nuances, a passionate heart and just a tiny little bit of pixie dust she can turn even the most difficult challenge into a sophisticated success-story.

This curly-haired girl is really an adventurous hippie-at-heart who likes her skirts polka-dotted and her food organic. She loves and supports the passion and freedom of the arts, with flowers in her hair, a smirk on her face and with both feet firmly on the ground.