Current Trip

In a Europe that is increasingly in the clutches of a financial crisis, where hope has given way to fear …we are looking for alternatives. Alternative ways to live, a different way of living together in tune with the environment.

Our journey will take us to various Eco-villages, Intentional Communities and other forms of mini societies.
Places that are often founded on an idealistic idea, attempting to create a form of “heaven on earth” and that sometimes function as a self-sufficient entity separate from the rest of society.

We want to find out what life is like in these places, how they are organised and what drives the people who live there. That is why we look forward to starting this journey, an exploration of new ways of life that will take us across South-West Europe in 2.5 months.

As we don’t want to keep this experience and our findings to ourselves, we intent to keep a video diary of the places we visit, which we will post on this blog (provided that we get their consent of course).