How Eli ended up in Matavenero


During our time in Matavenero, we also met Elisabeth in the #birdshouse where she stayed. Eli is kinda newbie in Matavenero. She tells us about a weird dream she had, in which she had to rescue a woman in the mountains, but who is this woman in her dreams..


Matavenero – a magic life in the mountains!

mata plaatje

Matavenero is a remote ecovillage in the mountains of North-west Spain. We've got the chance to meet El Uli, who 's the oldest resident of the village. He showed us his magical, seven corner house, the land around it which provides all the food for his family and tells us what comfort means to him. For more info on Matavenero click here


Una cálida bienvenida en Bilbao


On our way to Matavenero we've stopped in the beautiful city of Bilbao. Where we've met with Iratxe, who showed us the city and took us to a concert of Zea Mays. She told us all about Kukutza, a squated building with a big social function which was evicted lately. For more on Zea Mays and the total lipbub about Kukutza


”Joie de vivre” a Bordeaux


Couchsurfing virgins meet hostexperts in Borrrdeaux!


…it takes a road to go nowhere

weg Ecolonie

Here we are, on our way from Antwerp to Hennezel Vosges/France. Curious to visit our first Ecovillage. “ECOlonie” A beautiful place in the middle of nowhere.   Here's an abstract of ECOlonies vision;  "...Ecology (the thesis of ecological thinking and acting) at ECOlonie goes beyond healthy and organic gardening and building. Ecology is aphilosophy that includes all aspects of life - both physical and spiritual. 'Eco' is derived from the Greek word oikos, meaning to feel at home. To feel at home somewhere simply means 'to feel at ease, to be able to be yourself'. At ECOlonie,...