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…it takes a road to go nowhere

Here we are, on our way from Antwerp to Hennezel Vosges/France. Curious to visit our first Ecovillage.


A beautiful place in the middle of nowhere.


Here’s an abstract of ECOlonies vision; 

“…Ecology (the thesis of ecological thinking and acting) at ECOlonie goes beyond healthy and organic gardening and building.

Ecology is aphilosophy that includes all aspects of life – both physical and spiritual. ‘Eco’ is derived from the Greek word oikos, meaning to feel at home. To feel at home somewhere simply means ‘to feel at ease, to be able to be yourself’.

At ECOlonie, creativity and spirituality inspire the development of this vision to include environmental sustainability and the daily experience of nature. Each individual can define their own spirituality, as we focus on being undogmatic, down to earth and practical…”


At the moment 30 people are living at ECOlonie 10 are residents and 20 are long – and short term volunteers. Everyone works about 40h a week therefore you get food and accommodation for free. The cost of living is practically zero. For those who are interested in living at an ecovillage, ECOlonie is still looking for people.

But you gotta know making a community work can be a struggle between fighting for your ideals and making sure the community itself survives. If you don’t want to be completely cut-off from society and have bare necessities, you have to find a source of income. At ECOlonie they managed this pretty well by accommodating guests in their ‘Chateau’ and on the camping. They also organize all kinds of workshops and sell their homemade goat cheese.


Big up to Michel, ECOlonies chef! The food was incredible!!!




The Herbal garden, here they cultivate over 120 kinds of herbs which they use for cheese, tinctures and to flavour their meals.




This is Dominik, 24 from Poland. He is a long term volunteer at ECOlonie.

Dominiks responsibility is the Goat Farm. When he came to ECOlonie his life changed. ‘You start to focus on the important things in life’, he said. With a big smile on his face he told us:” I wanna change the world…in 3 years I wanna go back to Poland start a student youth movement and make a difference.”


Classical music is good for you!

While the goats are being milked they get to hear the Radetzky March from Johann Strauss.

The theory says that the music eases them to give more milk.


In ECOlonie it’s all about trust.

Steph is buying apple juice at ECOlonies 24 h Bio-Shop where you settle the bill yourself.



ECOlonie is also about learning.

    Here, Steph gets the chance to smell composted poo of the compost toilet. You won’t believe it, it smells like pine forest. ;)


Unfortunately, we’ve only had 2 days to stay because of our hunger for sun. For more info about ECOlonie please check:

Last but not least, our happy mood singalong song, which we listened to in the la la la la la la life is wonderful… :)